Whitewater Rafting on the
Kennebec River

The Forks, Maine

September 7th - 8th, 2012

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The journey from central Massachusetts to Central Maine was a long one in Friday rush hour traffic. We arrived at our home away from home late in the evening, worked together to set up our little camp village, make a fire, and roast s'mores. Then it was straight to bed so we'd be well rested for Saturday's big adventure.
Alison, Alex, & Sam We woke up bright and early to take down camp, eat breakfast, and then head over to the CrapApple Whitewater lodge for our rafting tour. Alison, Alex, and Sam are all suited up and ready for thrills!

A coupla cute couple shots

Phillip & Bridgette Jill & Greg
Group Our group feeling awesome about how we look in our wetsuits and life jackets!
Safety lecture
We got our obligatory safety lecture at the lodge and then boarded the bus for the launch site.
Group in front of bus
Stairway to the river Finally we're ready to hit the water! At the launch site we meet up with our guides and proceed to haul the rafts down to the river. It was a dam release day and there were a ton of rafters already out there!
Rafts in the river And our adventure begins! It was calm at first, but Class III, IV, and V rapids awaited us. After various intense rapids, all the rafts group together until every raft makes it through.
view from the river We enjoy one of the quieter spots along our journey.
Therese, Sam, and Jill Therese, Sam and Jill out in their raft.
Group in waterfall At the rest stop we all jumped into the waterfall!

For the last two miles out of the twelve, we got to swim. Sam is super pleased to be in the water! Ditto for Jill, Alex, and Savannah, as they demonstrate the proper defensive swim posture.

Sam Jill, Alex, & Savannah
Hot tub After we got done rafting, we were treated to a barbecue lunch and a hot tub before hitting the road back to Clark. The hot tub sure felt nice after all that paddling and getting soaked with river water.

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