Whitewater Rafting on the
Kennebec River

The Forks, Maine

September 26-27, 2009

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Katerine & Claudia Our twelve eager whitewater rafters arrived at the campground late in the afternoon on Saturday. We pitched our three tents along the Kennebec river, enjoyed a dinner of pasta & s'mores around the campfire, and explored the area a bit before settling into our sleeping bags for a cozy night's rest.

The next morning we started things off with a breakfast of oatmeal, picked up our campsite, and headed across to the Crab Apple Whitewater lodge.

At the lodge we got our highly fashionable wetsuits – modeled below by Claudia and Katerine (left) and Sarah, Alexandra, David and Kenzie (right) – as we prepared ourselves for a day of excitement and adventure!
Claudia & Katerine Sarah, Alexandra, David, and Kenzie
Serena, Solynka, Erin and Bridget In the basement of the lodge, Serena, Solynka, Erin and Bridget await the safety demonstaration which we watched before beginning our rafting journey.
Claudia Claudia grabs her gear as we head for the rafts.
Raft Katerine, Therese, Kenzie, Claudia, David and Sarah are all set to raft!

Helmets? Check!

Paddles? Check!


Oops... apparently we weren't quite ready to go.
staircase So we carried our rafts down to the river. The staircase had nice rails which made the job a whole lot easier.
Kennebec River
Our starting point on the Kennebec River was just below the power dam.
Power dam
Rafts along the river According to Rob, our guide and owner of Crab Apple Whitewater (far right in photo), the water level in the river was perfect. We had a nice swift current with enough depth to avoid getting caught on rocks.
Rafting Finally on the river... the real fun begins!
Rafting Floating down the Kennebec.
Rafting Every so often we'd pull over to let the video camera guy in a kayak get ahead of us.

Below, Kenzie, Claudia, Katerine and Brendan take a granola bar break. At right, Katerine and Therese are ready to head back out on the river.
Katerine and Therese
Kenzie, Claudia, Katerine and Brendan
Rafting/swimming At several points along the river we had a chance to jump out of the rafts and go for a swim. The water was pretty cold but most of us took the plunge at least once.
Katerine Katerine really loved it!
Hot tub Back at the lodge, Alexandra, Sarah, Solynka and Serena enjoy the 100-degree hot tub at the end of our day, while others swam in the 85-degree pool.

After showers and a BBQ lunch with the staff, we packed up and hit the road for our long drive back to Clark.

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