Whitewater Rafting on the
Kennebec River

The Forks, Maine

September 27-28, 2008

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Kennebec River It had been more than two years since we last ventured up to Maine's Kennebec River for an overnight camping/whitewater rafting excursion, and our 11 eager adventurers weren't about to let a little thing like pouring rain dampen their spirits this time. After all, whitewater rafting and getting wet go hand-in-hand, and seeing the Kennebec up close and personal from our campsite along its banks gave us plenty of enthusiasm for what was to come.
Ashley, Taylor, Krittika and Sara When we arrived on Saturday afternoon the rain had stopped but there was a whole lot more on the way. We hurriedly set up camp and cooked dinner before it arrived. Ashley, Taylor, Krittika and Sara are seen here standing guard over the fire. After dinner most of us played cards and games in the lodge across the street before returning to camp for the night.
Our group Kenzie and Ashley were up bright and early at 6AM the next morning to start breakfast and make sure everyone was packed up and ready for rafting on time. We got our wetsuits and were eager to hit the water.

From left to right, Anna, Emily, Laura, Taylor, Addi, and Kami are about to set out in one of the rafts. Addi and Kami are pictured again in the second photo.

Anna, Emily, Laura, Taylor, Addi, and Kami Addi and Kami
With all the recent rain the river had an especially strong, swift current, making our adventure all the more exciting. We would encounter conditions ranging from relative calm to vicious rapids along our route.
Addi, Kami and Laura Addi, Kami, and Laura at our rest stop along the river.
Anna, Taylor and Addi Anna, Taylor and Addi getting back out on the water.
Kami Unfazed by the challenging conditions, Kami maintains her characteristically cool composure.
Rafters floating in river Rafting without the rafts... on a couple of occasions we had the opportunity to jump from the rafts and float in the current. The water was FREEZING but some of us including Kami (center) didn't seem to mind. After completing our trek we returned to the lodge for a full-fledged 3-course hot meal; quite a contrast from our campsite cooking arrangements the previous night. We had a great time hanging out with everyone and getting to know the staff before it was time to hop back into the vans and head home. So we left Maine, bringing back exceptionally fond memories of our wonderful weekend.

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