Spring Break in New Hampshire's White Mountains

Stephanie's Report from Mt. Madison

March 5-6, 2005

The fun began on Saturday, March 5th. A friend and I parked our cars at Rt 2 and hiked up a very steep trail, pausing for lunch at a shelter. We spent the night at the unheated cabin which was full beyond its capacity of 16 people. It had a kitchen area with counters, tables and benches downstairs, along with the caretaker's quarters. Upstairs was a loft for sleeping. The caretaker used the woodstove very infrequently because the cabin was in a forest protection area and all firewood had to be packed in. Sunday morning I climbed Mt. Madison. It started snowing on the summit, and visbility was reduced to 40 feet at times on the return to the cabin. After a quick lunch, it was time to descend back to my car. The trail was covered with both packed and new snow, so the trip down took no time at all, sliding on my boots like skis or on my butt. Whee!

Hiking the White Mountains Anna and Stephanie after arriving at Gray Knob Cabin. Mt Adams is the peak in the background.

Trail up the mountain Above treeline: The south side of Mt Adams, following the cairns.

Hard core hiker Stephanie faces the elements in a successful attempt on the summit of Mt. Madison. "The winds were so strong I was almost blown off the trail."

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