Hike of West Thompson Lake

Thompson, CT

November 3rd, 2013

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West Thompson Lake Overcast skies turned bright blue as soon as the five of us set foot on the Shoreline Trail at West Thompson Lake. The much welcome sunlight brightened up the landscape nicely for our 8-mile hiking adventure.
Pink foliage Proceeding north along the lake's eastern shore, our trail brought us through bright fields of pink.
View from north lookout We stopped to enjoy our next view of the lake at the north lookout. At this point we'd already hiked the entire left shoreline.
Trees and sky The season provided the best of all worlds - enough fall foliage on the trees for colorful scenery and enough leaves fallen to enhance visibility through the canopy.
Quinebaug River On previous West Thompson Lake hikes, we crossed the Quinebaug river at the lake's northern tip via a bridge that no longer exists. Knowing this, we continued hiking north on the Quinebaug River Trail to the next crossing. It was an absolutely beautiful 3.5 mile detour. At times we stopped to admire the river, thinking how nice it might be to explore by canoe.

Up ahead Stefan spots a rusted hull which we imagined to be the remains of an alien spaceship that crashed here generations ago. So beware... we are not alone!
Roisin and Eunice
Roisin, Eunice and Stefan move in for a closer look, examining spaceship's mysterious features.
Stefan exploring spaceship
Eunice, Lagan and Roisin
Leaving the spaceship behind, Eunice, Logan, and Roisin are back on the trail headed toward the Red Bridge Road river crossing. Along the way, we pass by open fields by the riverbank.

We cross the river and hike back along its west bank. That's when we make our next big discovery: a random outhouse in the woods.
Stefan knocking Stefan & outhouse

Stefan knocks...

Nope, it's unoccupied!

Our hike offered a little of everything, including a cornfield crossing! We missed the harvest though. And as we approach the Ravenelle Ponds loop, our trail passes through a funky little grove.
Trail passing through grove
Corn field
Mugsy Back at the lake our mascot Mugsy is poised on a rock, but the picture was tricky because he kept flopping over in the wind.
Group on Mugsy's Rock Up on Mugsy's rock, the rest of us were steadier on our feet.
Flock of geese High above the lake, a flock of geese passes by. The left flank of the V needs some formation practice.
West Thompson Dam We descend toward West Thompson Dam on our final leg of our hike.

Completing our hike, we're treated to a final bright orange hurrah as the setting sun illuminates the scene.

Illuminated trees

Sunset and long shadows at their finest!

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