Hike of Wells State Park

Sturbridge, MA

September 17, 2006

View from Carpenter's Rocks The view of the forest below from the top of Carpenter's Rocks was the highlight of our hike of Wells State Park. Our six mile jaunt covered everything from hilltop vistas to swampy stream beds and pondside trails. It was the perfect way to spend a warm, summer-like Sunday afternoon.

frog In fact, it would have even been a good day for a swim - but we left that to the frogs we met in Mill Pond.

Stream and rock structure As we continued along the Mill Pond Trail, we came upon this funky looking stone honeycomb thing over a stream... whatever it's supposed to be.

Katie, Meredith, Alec and Juliana

Carpenter's Rocks marked the approximate midpoint of our hike. Katie, Meredith and Alec enjoy the view while Juliana peeks over the rock ledge at the ground below (waay below).

our group Our whole group... at the top of Carpenter's Rocks.

Katie, Rick and Juliana at water's edge Walker Pond Near the end of the hike, our route brought us down to the banks of Walker Pond. Katie, Rick and Juliana relax at the water's edge.

Lori and Rick Lori and Rick chilling out nearby on a fallen log. Can you spot the big snake in this photo? (Just kidding, Lori!)

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