Fall 2013 Kick-Off

Welcoming, Slacklining, Hiking, & Roasting

Aug. 30th - Sept. 6th, 2013

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Activities Fair We kicked off our semester as usual at Clark's Student Activities Fair, out on the Green under August sunshine on a beautiful Friday afternoon. The crowds swarmed our table even as we were still setting it up, and by the end of the fair 247 Clarkies were added to our mailing list, including one-third of the Class-of-2017! It was exhilirating to see such enthusiasm, we knew right away the year ahead would be a busy one!
Andrew, Stefan & Rosie at table Outing Club table It took all hands on deck to keep up with the traffic flow! Andrew, Stefan, and Rosie are busy answering questions at the table, and Ashley makes the rounds on the walkway as more crowds arrive.
Mugsy Mugsy (our mascot) helped out at the table too. He's snooping around the suggestion box, trying to find out where our next trip will be.

Behind the table, a steady stream of newcomers and seasoned experts alike kept our slackine active the entire time.

slackline slackline slackline
TEXT The Outing Club's e-board, celebrating the end of an energetic and hugely successful day of tabling.
Wachusett hike The very next day we did what we do best - we took a hike! Thirteen of us headed out to Princeton, MA, to scale Mt. Wachusett, the state's highest peak east of the Connecticut River.
Wachusett group After a tiring climb in intense humidity, we were greeted at the summit by a refreshing breeze and a class-of-1961 Clark alum who took our group picture.
Group 1 Sunday was to be our big day - 50 hikers in 5 waves for our annual kickoff hike at Worcester's Cascades Parklands. Group 1 had finished most of its hike when the intense thunderstorm erupted! Just how intense was it? Even Clark's campus was flooded! Not to be dismayed, the group happily frolicked through the woods in the downpour, taking refuge at the Greater Worcester Land Trust's Cascading Waters Lodge when they were done. Group 2 followed suit - its hike cut short by the storm - and groups 3-5 were postponed entirely. Let's just say it was an eventful afternoon!
Marshmallow Roast Also postponed due to rain, our traditional kick-off marshmallow roast drew an estimated 125-150 people on Friday, Sept. 6th outside of Goddard Library. Everyone took turns roasting marshmallows and enjoying the ambiance of the fire's flicker and glow. It was the perfect transition from a week of classes to a weekend of fun, and a perfect way to spend some quality time with lots of our friends.
Marshmallow Roast Marshmallow Roast
Take 2 - Group 1 The weather was much nicer for "take 2" of our Cascades Parklands hike on Sunday, Sept. 8th. The first of the three groups to hike that day arrives at the Greater Worcester Land Trust (GWLT) lodge and is ready to hit the trails.

Ben, Tasos, Hannah and Lyle climb up to the top of of Split Rock, and later find a bench to recuperate!

Split Rock Group at bench

Up in the Boynton Park field, the whole group breaks out into yoga.


The next group finishes its hike and has some fun on the slackline at the Cascading Waters lodge while enjoying cookies and lemonade, compliments of Tracy & Colin and the GWLT.
Take 2 - Group 2
Take 2 - Group 3 The final group arrives at the lodge to begin it's hike, rounding out our multi-wave 50-person semi-rescheduled event and setting yet another new Outing Club record for largest trip ever! How long 'til we top this one? Time will tell.

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