Hike of Mt. Watatic

Ashburnham, MA

Sunday February 11th, 2007

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Our group in front of split boulder It may have taken us four years to reach Mt. Watatic the first time, but less than 3 months later a group of us found ourselves back for a second hike of the now snow-covered mountain. It was very pretty but also slippery in places, as some of us would discover the hard way. At right, Tara, Dan, Megan, Kristin, Alex and Pauline pause in front of the infamous split boulder as we prepare for our ascent.

Tara and Kristin with Toby We trudged our way up the mountain accompanied by a friendly dog named Toby, who was constantly charging past us up and down the trail, showing off his sure-footed talent across snow and ice. We kept him company on the summit as he waited for his owners to catch up.

The beautiful snow-covered landscape seen from the summit really made the trek worth the effort.

View from Summit View from Summit

On the summit, Greg, Dan, Kristin, Megan, Pauline, Tara and Alex enjoy the fresh mountain air. Later we jumped back and forth across the state line, living free in New Hampshire for a fleeting moment.

Goup on Summit On the state line

Oops As we head downhill Megan discovers gravity and ice - a menacing combination.

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