Hike of Walden Pond & Gates Pond

Concord & Berlin, MA

November 4th, 2012

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Thoreau and Mugsy It's our mascot Mugsy again! This time he's having a deeply trancendental conversation with his hero, Henry David Thoreau, whom we met upon arriving for our Walden Pond hike. Thoreau was a popular dude too... we had a full roster for our trip and a huge wait list! That has never before happened for a hike this late in the semester.
Jill, Thoreau and Mugsy Jill strolls in to liven up the party, bringing Thoreau's look up to the 21st century. His cabin replica is in the background. Before beginning our hike, we did the touristy thing and investigated the cabin from every angle. Greg does some window reconnaisance as Therese and Jill guard the door. After drawing a few strange looks from actual tourists, we headed down to the pond.
Therese and Jill Cabin replica Greg
Walden Pond Being November, the swimmers in Walden Pond were harder core than we were. 'Course they also had wetsuits.

Soon we arrive at the actual site of Thoreau's "Walden" cabin where he lived in solitude for two years. Peter, Gianna, Cara, and Charise get transcendental vibes from standing in the very spot.
Cabin site monument
Peter, Gianna, Cara, and Charise

From the cabin site, we hike back down to the pond and followed its shoreline path, enjoying many nice views along the way.

Group on trail Walden Pond
Walden Pond Despite being November, there was still enough fall foliage to add vibrancy to the pond.
Skipping stones We're not sure if Thoreau ever skipped stones across Walden Pond, but decided to give it a try.
Group Our whole group at the conclusion of our esteemed hike.

To round out our trip, we hiked the 2.5 mile loop around Gates Pond in Berlin on the way home. It was a nice change from Walden; more secluded, less touristy, and not nearly as famous. But in the setting sun, it was beautiful in it's own right.

Gates Pond Gates Pond

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