Hike of Wachusett Reservoir

Sterling, MA

November 2nd, 2008

If asked to describe the Wachusett Reservoir, the word "photogenic" would be right at the top of our list. Its fall foliage colors and clear blue waters shone brightly in the afternoon sun as we explored its shoreline during our visit.

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Trail Although only a few miles north of Worcester, the reservoir is part of metropolitan Boston's water supply and is the second largest body of water in the state. We reached it's shores at several points along our 3-mile hike as we followed a network of woodland trails. At times the sound of 22 feet shuffling through a crisp, freshly fallen blanket of leaves seemed almost deafening in contrast to the tranquility at water's edge.
At our first encounter with the reservoir overlooking Rainbow Cove, Juliana explores the shoreline (below) while Jenny, Madeline and Natalie (right) enjoy the view. Jenny, Madeline and Natalie
Ashley Throughout the afternoon we passed time skipping stones across the surface. Ashley demonstrates her mastery of that vital skill.
Libby, Katie and Amanda Further along our hike at Greenhalge Point we re-emerged at the reservoir's shoreline and spent some time relaxing on the rocks. In the foreground, Libby, Katie and Amanda enjoy the nice sunshine.
Our final encounter with the reservoir was at Tahanto Point, where we explored a large, sandy peninsula and cast long shadows in the late afternoon sun.
Tahanto Point shoreline From the peninsula we followed the contour of Tahanto Point before cutting back into the woods.
Group All of us on the trail above Kendall Cove. We still had another mile to go to complete our loop back to the trailhead. When we got there we were treated to a taste of freshly cooked fish, compliments of a group fishing whom we'd met along the way. It was a nice ending to a beautiful hike at a beautiful reservoir. While relaxing on its shores we wished we wished we could have stayed forever!

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