Wachusett Reservoir hike

West Boylston, MA

Sunday October 30th, 2005

Racing kayaks

Wachusett Reservoir encompasses 4,135 acres and is Massachusetts' second largest body of water. Together with the Quabbin Reservoir, it is the source of drinking water for most of the greater Boston area.

Blue skies and warm 60 degree fall temperatures provided the perfect backdrop for our hike. After several weekends of cloudy and damp conditions, the bright sunshine was a welcome turn of events.

Northern view Southern view Despite the gorgeous weather, there were only two of us on today's hike - Paula & Greg. We entered at the reservoir at gate 28 along Rte. 110, and quickly disoriented ourselves in a labyrinth of winding fire roads which all tended to look pretty much the same.

Group photo Following a compass heading to the east, we re-emerged at the reservoir's shore and got our bearings straight again.

Celia kayaking A tiny island, viewed for the shoreline just above the Sholan Point peninsula.

Phil and Camilla finishing the race The strong sun really accentuated the fall foliage, as seen here from across a lily pond near the end of our hike.

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