Mount Wachusett Halloween Hike

Princeton, MA

October 31, 2004

Wachusett group photo Wachusett Mountain State Reservation is one of the most popular hiking spots in central Massachusetts. The mountain's 2006 foot peak is the highest point in Massachusetts east of the Berkshires. Despite this busy mountain's roads and ski slopes which intersect the trails (and its parking lot on top), it still affords some very nice hiking.

Below we cross one of the ski slopes along the Old Indian Trail and enjoy the scenic foliage view.

At right, we approach the steepest section of the Old Indian Trail.

Old Indian Trail
Foliage view crossing ski slope

Below, our view of Mt. Monadnock in New Hampshire from the Wachusett summit.

At right, Playing hide and seek at Balance Rock along the Old Indian Trail.

Balance Rock
View of Mt. Monadnock

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