Hike of Upton State Forest

Upton, MA

April 25th, 2010

Our trip to Upton State Forest was special because it was the first time we'd ever gone hiking there. It was also Jill's first time organizing an Outing Club trip, so we took lots of pictures of her.

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Therese & horse jump In addition to hiking, Upton State Forest is a popular spot for horseback riding. In fact, a riding competition was just ending as we arrived. Here's Therese checking out one of the horse jumps.

Parts of the forest were littered with large boulders which we climbed over and under.

Group on boulder Jill under boulder
Jill crossing a marsh
Elsewhere we navigated our way across marshes and streams.

Mugsy came along too. He liked playing on the horse jumps and sitting on the rocks in the stream.

Mugsy on horse jump Mugsy on rock
Therese on rocks Therese thought the rocks looked like fun and decided to join him.
Jill and Greg Jill and Greg Jill and Greg made friends with the wildlife we met along the way.
Jill, Christy & Kirsten Down by Dean Pond, Jill, Christy and Kirsten encounter more little critters, this time of the human species.

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