Hike of Tully Lake

Royalston, MA

September 7th, 2013

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Tully Lake Venturing to Tully Lake involved an hour long picturesque drive through quaint New England towns as we headed northwest to Royalston, MA, near the New Hampshire border. Our first view of the lake, and one of the best, was from the top of Tully Dam where we parked.

Morgan, Jess and Claire lead the way down the trail. We circled the lake in a counterclockwise direction, hiking it's south shore first.
group on trail
group on trail
Group on stone bridge Lawrence Brook At about the halfway point, we enjoy a view of Lawrence Brook as it passes beneath a stone bridge which the trail crosses.
Claire and Morgan on wall Lara at Doane's Falls Claire and Morgan are perched on the wall above the brook. A short distance down the trail, Lara snaps a picture of the upper portion of Doane's Falls with our bridge in the background.
Doane's Falls Rob on pedestal Up on a pedestal, Rob pays tribute to the falls with a yoga stance.
Lake shore The trail brought us to a mini-beach along the lake's north shore, which we stopped to explore.

Kaitlyn, Lara and Greg check out the water's edge.

Greg Lara Kaitlyn

A sign pointed to a beaver pond up a side trail, so we diverted to check it out and took our group photo there.

group Beaver pond
Beaver pond interpretive sign How the beaver pond works. (Click photo to enlarge.)

Back at Tully Lake's shoreline, the final stretch of our hike was along an interpretive part of the trail. The sign described the lake's many islands and eskers.
group at lake
Tully Lake interpretive trail
playground At the end of our 4.5 mile hike, we spied a mini-playground for which we were a li'l too old, but jumped at the chance to have some fun on it anyway before the long van ride back to Clark.

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