Hike of Tully Lake
and Doane's Falls

Royalston, MA

October 4th, 2009

The timing of our 5-mile hike around Tully Lake was perfect! Bright fall colors had begun to appear and clouds had unexpectedly given way to sunshine on the morning of our hike. It was a marked improvement over our rained-out first attempt the prior weekend.

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Tully Lake
Tully Lake
Turtles As we circled the lake, the critters we met along the way included a slew of turtles, a toad (naturally), and two red salamaders.
Toad Salamander
Doane's Falls
Near the midpoint of our loop we stopped to admire Doane's Falls, where Lawrence Brook tumbles down a series of dramatic waterfalls into Tully Lake. The recent rainstorm provided the waterfall with plenty of fuel for our visit.
Doane's Falls
Group on Tully Dam All of us on top of Tully Dam at the west end of the lake. The dam is an Army Corps of Engineers flood control project.
Tully Lake A view of the lake from the top of Tully Dam.
Dam outfall and Tully Mountain A view of the Tully Dam outfall with Tully Mountain in the background.
Elliot Elliot hiking across Tully Dam.
Nate, Rachael, Raj and Elliot After completing our loop, we drove a short distance to Tully Mountain in Orange, MA for a quick hike to the summit. Nate, Rachael, Raj, and Elliot are enjoying the mountaintop vista.
View of Mt. Monadnock A view of Mt. Monadnock in New Hampshire from Tully Mountain. Our club climbed it a week later during fall break.
View from Tully Mountain Tully Pond, as seen from Tully Mountain. The pond is to the west of Tully Lake. Tully Lake and Tully Mountain are both located along the 22-mile Tully Trail system.
Group on Tully Mountain Our whole group on top of Tully Mountain, getting ready to descend again and head home.

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