Hike of Swift River Reservation

Petersham, MA

September 6, 2009

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view from Nichewaug vista From the scenic vista along the Nichewaug Tract, Swift River Reservation's beauty unfolded before us. It was our first hike of the year and our first visit to Swift River Reservation in nearly four years.
Tom, Jen, Rachael, and Therese Tom, Jen, Rachael and Therese enjoy the view.
We left the bright, sunny hilltop and descended down a steep trail into the shadowy depths of the valley to explore the riverbank. Along the way, we passed a really big, really old, really dead tree.

Below, a look upstream from the middle of the Swift River. At right, Serena and Jennifer explore the river up close.
Serena and Jennifer
Swift River

Ethan explores an island as Jennifer heads down the riverbank trail.
Serena Serena climbs up the embankment from the river.

Amber, Rachael and Tom hang out in a patch of moss, while Therese spotted the frog in the river.

Amber, Rachael and Tom frog
group Back on high ground, our whole group getting ready to head home.

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