Alpine Ski Weekend at
Sunday River Ski Resort

Newry, ME

March 16th - 18th, 2012

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Balmy skiing T-shirts and sport bras at the top of the slopes? Yup! With temperatures approaching 80 degrees (no kidding!), our Sunday River ski weekend will surely go down in Outing Club history as the most balmy ski adventure ever! But thanks to the marvel of fake snow, and despite some slushiness and bare patches, the ten of us had an awesome weekend out on the white stuff!
Nate's cabin Go on a ski weekend you'll need a place to crash! Nate's cozy cabin in Bethel served us well last year and we were very thankful to be able to use it again. Kelly makes herself right at home.
Sarah We drove up on a Friday evening and our first night's dinner consisted of quesadillas. Sarah makes an excellent chef!

We wake up on Saturday to a gorgeous mountain view at the cabin, with Sunday River's snow streaked trails in the background. It wasn't long before we were out there exploring them.

View from cabin Sunday River trails

Tom and Arielle consult the Sunday River trail map, and then Tom is off on the Upper Vortex Trail by Aurora Peak.
Tom and Arielle

As the sun sets we return to the cabin for our second night's dinner consisting of pasta, pasta, more pasta, and salad!

pasta sunset

We're back at Sunday River bright and early for a second day of skiing. Kelly, Sarah, and Tom line up for the chairlift by South Ridge Lodge. At the top of the hill we attempt a group photo while trying not to slide backwards in our skis.

Kelly, Sarah, & Tom group
Therese Dan Therese appreciates the groomed snow while warming up on the bunny hill (a.k.a. "family ski zone"). Later, we catch up with Dan en route to Chairlift 14 and the Kansas trail.
Chairlift Lift up... ski down.
Sunday River view We loved Sunday River's amazing views. From one of the chairlifts we even could see the White Mountains.
Alex, Steven and Nate Alex, Steven and Nate are on their way to the double-diamond Caramba!
Steven and Nate From the chairlift we later got a glimpse of Steven and Nate exploring those black diamonds. They were among the most experienced skiers in our group.

Therese, Kelly, Sarah, and Dan... happy faces on the chairlift. 'Tis what we like to see!

Therese & Kelly Sarah & Dan

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