Skiing adventures in 2011

Windblown (NH) & Sunday River (ME)

February & March, 2011

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base lodge Our 2011 skiing season kicked off bright and early on Saturday Feb. 12th as sixteen of us descended upon the 25 miles of cross-country ski trails at Windblown Ski Area in New Ipswich, NH. Our first stop was the lovely base lodge - complete with cafe and rental shop - where we got our gear and headed out for a day on the trails.

The scenery was astounding, particularly from the hilltops. And the steeper trails resembled downhill skiing as much as cross-country. At right, Khalid stops for a photo op.
Helen Helen skis past the same spot.
Erin and Bridget Later, Erin and Bridget enjoy the comfort of the warming hut, complete with wood stove, kitchen, and enough room for up to 15 people to spend the night. We want to do that sometime! Below, our group is done for the day and heading back to Clark.
Elk farm So what do elk and skiing have in common? We're not sure either, but that didn't stop us from visiting an elk farm near the Sunday River Ski Resort in Newry, Maine, where nine of us went on March 26-27 for a weekend of downhill skiing. Through mutual arrangement, Clark's former Ski and Snowboard club passed the downhill skiing baton to the Outing Club, so we'll be doing much more of it in the coming years.

And maybe we'll visit more elk too, one of whom has befriended Sarah (below).
Sarah & elk Sarah & elk
North Peak Quad Riding Sunday River's North Peak Quad chair lift, Bridget, Erin, Nate and Noah are all geared up for a day of Skiing. Below, Kate skis down the Tourist Trap Trail from North Peak (left) while Noah telemarks on the same trail (right).
Kate Noah

Erin (left) and Bridget (right) on the Tourist Trap Trail.

Erin Bridget

On Sunday we skied the trails of Spruce Peak. At left, Bridget and Helen head for the summit on the Spruce Triple lift, and at right, Noah, Bridget, Nate, Erin and Kate are checking out the view from the top of Spruce Peak.

Bridget & Helen on the Spruce Triple Noah, Bridget, Nate, Erin & Kate
Group Overnight, we stayed at Nate's house in Maine to save on lodging. We held the offical Outing Club ping-pong tournament in Nate's basement, played "Oh, Hell" (a card game), and were treated to wonderful lasagna, salad and earthquake cake, compliments of Nate's mom! Here we are in Nate's driveway at the end of our weekend, packed up and ready to head home.

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