Outing Club Rock Wall

at the Student Activities Fair

September 5, 2008
Since our traditional kick-off marshmallow roast was displaced this year by the Goddard Library construction project, we decided to try something new and bring a portable climbing wall from the Rhode Island Rock Gym onto the green for Clark's Student Activities Fair. As you might imagine, it attracted plenty of attention... and climbers!

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rock wall
rock wall
Katie and Kenzie Katie and Kenzie at our table, which was equally busy. We added 130 new names to our mailing list in just three hours! Welcome aboard everyone.

Some of our many eager climbers who stopped by throughout the event...
climbing climbing With a little encouragement, everyone made it to the top!

Kritt and Kenzie just hanging out.


Doing that climbing thing.

belayer Holly Hey, why the heck is my belayer way over there??

Going up and coming down.

Eli going upcoming down

Gabriel making a smooth landing!


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