Hike of Rock House Reservation

West Brookfield, MA

Sunday April 6th, 2008
Group in front of Rock House We'd passed by Rock House Reservation many times on our way to and from other destinations, and finally decided that it was time to check it out up close and personal. So eleven of set out on a Sunday afternoon to do just that!
Rock House The hillside rock shelter for which the reservation is named was created by glaciers and used centuries ago by Native Americans as a winter camp.
Max under rock overhang Hilary between boulders Exploring the shelter, Max is dwarfed by the gigantic rock overhang, while Hilary passes between two halves of a huge split boulder.

From the top of the rock house, Rob and Max enjoy the view of Carter Pond while Michael and Kenzie peek down over the ledge.
Michael and Kenzie
Rob and Max
Jenny, Ali and Hilary Jenny, Ali, and Hilary on the trail above the Rock House.
Trailside museum from across Carter Pond After leaving the Rock House, we proceeded up the trail to a small museum (in background) above Carter Pond.
Ali, Katie and Alex Ali, Katie and Alex relax on the rocks outside the museum.
Balance Rock Ali, Katie and Alex Our next stop was Balance Rock, located just above the museum. The rock had been deposited on top of a ledge by glaciers.

At right, Ali, Katie and Alex hike up the hill toward the rock.
Ali on Balance Rock Ali on top of Balance Rock.
Balance Rock on Ali Balance Rock on top of Ali. (Ummm... don't try this at home, kids!)
Rob on Baby Balance Rock Mushroom tree Later, we discovered another artifact which we called Baby Balance Rock; on top of which Rob is perched.

We also found all sorts of interesting fungi throughout the reservation, including a towering and rather funky mushroom tree!

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