Hike of Quabbin Reservoir

Ware, MA

October 27, 2012

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Quabbin Reservoir Our group may have been small, but the four of us who ventured to the massive Quabbin Reservoir had no shortage of fun and excitement. It began at the half-mile long Windsor Dam, which Arielle, Peter, and Nadine navigate their way across. To their right was our first look at one piece of the mammoth reservoir. And to their left, we spotted a deer grazing on the grass below the huge earthen dam.
Arielle, Peter & Nadine Windsor Dam
Mugsy on Windsor Dam
Mugsy (our mascot) loved the dam too! And when we reached the visitor's center at the opposite end of the dam, he had fun hanging out with the Eagles.
Mugsy & Eagles
Quabbin Tower Arielle Arielle climbs Quabbin Tower, which was our next stop. The fall colors and distant views were muted by clouds and a light fog, so we didn't stay too long.
woods Our hike down from the top of Quabbin hill to the reservoir's shore was a slow one, as we stopped to investigate each little nook and cranny that captivated our attention along the trail. The woods were so still... at one point we stood motionless for several minutes just listening to the sound of every falling leaf hitting the ground, interspersed with an occasional bird call from afar.

When we reached the gate by the park road, a game of limbo ensued. Greg tries his best, but ultimately to no avail. Above us, a nifty rainbow appeared through the trees, even though it was not raining.
Greg Rainbow
View from Enfield Lookout Despite the fog there was still a decent view from Enfield Lookout. The colors were certainly better than what we could see from the tower.
Arielle at the water's edge As we reach the water's edge, Arielle enjoys the serenity.
Nadine and Peter at Hank's Meadow Nadine and Peter take a last look at the reservoir from Hank's Meadow before we hiked back into the woods to complete our 3.6 mile loop.

On the drive home we admired scores of cute little trick-or-treaters in the towns of Ware and Brookfield (which held trick or treating a few days early), a bunch of firemen in front of the Ware fire station (Arielle said they were cute too), and a herd of cows. What more could you ask for!

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