Hike of Quabbin Reservoir

Ware, MA

Sunday November 4th, 2007

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Goodnough Dike The vast expanse of the Quabbin Reservoir, its picturesque landscape, and its historical intrigue are just a few of the reasons why the Quabbin is such an alluring place to visit. We spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon exploring Quabbin Park at the Reservoir's southern end. A walk out to the Goodnough dike gave us our first view of the Reservoir.
View of reservoir from Goodnough Dike With its many islands and jagged coastline, only a fraction of the reservoir is visible from any single point on shore, including the 2,140 foot long dike. But it was an impressive view nonetheless.

We then parked at Hank's Picnic area to continue our 7+ mile hike. As we wound our way toward the Quabbin Hill summit along some very roundabout, less-traveled trails, we stopped frequently to admire the beautiful surroundings.

Young pine trees Pond
View from Enfield Lookout After checking out the panoramic view from the stone observation tower on Quabbin Hill, we hiked down to the Enfield Lookout for another amazing sight.
Group at Enfield Lookout Are all five of us at Enfield Lookout.
Group on rocks at shoreline We concluded our trek with a hike down to the shoreline, where we paused to enjoy the peaceful surroundings and the gentle sound of the water rhythmically lapping against the rocks.

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