Purgatory Chasm

Sutton, MA

November 23rd, 2013

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Group Even in late November a trip to Purgatory Chasm is sure to draw a crowd, and indeed it did! The nineteen of packed into two vans and set off on our adventure, eager to travel back in time and imagine the age of dinosaurs while channeling our way through rock ledges seven stories high carved out by glacial meltwater from the last ice age. With a vision like that, it's no wonder that Purgatory is always such a favorite destination of ours.
Chasm entrance At the neck of the chasm, we begin to explore.
Eunice and Katie Mimi, Yousra and Amy Eunice and Katie gingerly step their way down into the chasm as Mimi, Yousra and Amy ascend the cliffs up to the top.
Ben Ben stalks rocks like a cougar!
Dale, Alex & Ben Dale, Alex and Ben, up at the top of the cliff above Lover's Leap.

Alex and Ben, down at the base of the cliff below Lover's leap. Views from below could sometimes be almost as scary as from above, like that boulder up there that looks like it wants to drop down and squash us.
Towering cliffs
Alex & Ben
Fat Man's Misery Fat Man's Misery Rosie makes an epic jump across Fat Man's Misery and then passes through its crevice.
Katie Katie is down in Fat Man's Misery, stuck between a rock and a hard place.
Kaitlyn and Devon
Kaitlyn is in deep discussion with Devon. Later, she's off scrambling up the boulders.
Luke chills out on a boulder deep within the chasm as Ben, Katie, and Alex explore the ledges up above.
Ben, Katie & Alex

Kaitlyn and Greg check out the stream down at Little Purgatory, while nearby, Eunice and Katie, our two trip leaders, celebrate their successful joint venture!

Kaitlyn & Greg Eunice & Katie

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