Trip to Purgatory Chasm

Sutton, MA

September 14th, 2008
Our trips to Purgatory Chasm tend to draw a crowd, and as you can see, this time was no exception.

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Our group (minus Shawn and Emily)
Chasm Whether you like climbing up huge boulders, exploring underground caves, squeezing through rock crevices, or taking a walk in the woods, the chasm's many attractions have always been popular among our members.
Jeff Boulders down in the chasm... and Jeff.
Scott, Ashley and Libby Scott, Ashley and Libby.
Margo Aysha and Jenny Margo (left) and Aysha and Jenny (right) pass through Fat Man's Misery, one of the Chasm's notable formations.
Dylan Aysha Dylan (left) and Aysha (right) scale the Chasm's sides.
Group on trail After exploring the chasm, many of us found our way into the woods.
Ashley, Margo and Kritt Ashley, Margo and Kritt taking a break on the Old Purgatory Trail.

Kritt and Margo investigate the Old Spring House along the Spring Path trail.
Kritt and Margo
Old Spring House
Frog Of course, there were frogs!
Chilling on the swing! On the swing, Ashley, Morgan, Abbey and Allison are joined by Jenny, Aysha and Dylan as we reassemble our group and prepare to head home.

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