Hike of Peaked Mountain

Monson, MA

Sunday October 15th, 2006

View to north There are many good reasons to visit Peaked Mountain Reservation, but the panoramic view of quintessential New England rolling hills from the monuntain's 1227 foot summit is what really makes the trip worthwhile. Looking north, Mt. Monadnock's 3,165 foot summit looms large on the distant horizon 55 miles away (center of photo). A few degrees to the west, the sharper peaks of the Quabbin Reservoir watershed and a small piece of the reservoir iteself are more clearly visible 18 miles away (left side of photo). are .

View to northwest Eighteen miles to the northwest lies the Mt. Holyoke Range, including the peaks of Mt. Norwottock (center left of photo) and Long Mountain (center right of photo). We're not quite sure about the more distant peak on the right side; perhaps Mt. Toby in Sunderland.

View to northeast A view to the northeast featuring Mt. Wachusett's 2006 foot summit on the horizon 27 miles away (center of photo).

View to west At a second, west-facing vista on Peaked Mountain the City of Springfield can be seen 12 miles away (center left of photo, click to enlarge). The Berkshire hills of western Massachusetts are in the distance.

All of us All of us, on the Peaked Mountain summit.

Mali and Rick Sofie and Zoe with 4-legged friend

Mali and Rick enjoy the view...

...while Sofie and Zoe make a new friend.

Frog Our trip was more than just the views from the summit. There was also a tiny pond called Fire Pond about halfway up the mountain. Maybe 50 feet in diameter, it is home to an assortment of frogs and other wildlife.

Beaver dam Lunden Pond A short distance up the road was another tract of land known as the Miller Forest Tract, home to Lunden Pond and it's associated beaver colony.

Group hiking along shoreline The pond was a nice reflection on us! A quick stroll along it's loop trail was the perfect way to end our day.

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