XC Skiing/Backpacking
in Crawford Notch

White Mountains, NH

Saturday Feb. 17th - Sunday Feb. 18th, 2007
Elizabeth Elizabeth

Did you ever get that sinking feeling?

Mired in snow That was pretty much the story as the four of us backpacked up Crawford Notch on cross-country skis through waist-deep snow. Snowshoes would have been a nice touch, had we thought to bring them!
Dan, Elizabeth and Matt We finally arrived at Ethan Pond campsite, tired and later than anticipated. But we made it!
Elizabeth Skiing round the mountain.
Matt and Alex A change of course.
Mountain view Blue skies... and a great view.
Trail sign We're on the AT (that's Appalachian Trail for you non-outdoorsey types)!
Skiiing on the pond Skiing on Ethan Pond... here we could actually stay on TOP of the snow!

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