Hike of Newton Hill and Elm Park

Worcester, MA

September 4th, 2010

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Newton Hill trails What do you do when you simply want to get out and hike but don't want to go far? Do what we did! Take a short walk down Park Ave. and follow Jenny and Greg as they ascend the trails of Newton Hill. Located right opposite Elm Park, the hill's web-like network of trails interspersed with a new disc golf course is a popular refuge for hikers and trail runners looking for a taste of nature right in the heart of Worcester.
Group on summit The hill was purchased by the City of Worcester in 1888 and is officially part of Elm Park. In the open field at the top, we relax and enjoy the warm summer day.

Apol, Brenna and Lucas grab a seat on the base of the old summit flagpole. To the right, Micaela and Sasha find shady refuge near the edge of the summit clearing.

Apol, Brenna and Lucas Micaela and Sasha
Gabe Gabe takes full advantage of his chance to kick back and rest.
Mugsy in a tree Nate and Andrew Mugsy is having a grand time frolicking in a trees as Nate and Andrew hang out below.
Group on summit All seventeen of us (and Mugsy!) on the Newton Hill summit.
Group on bridge On our way back, we passed through Elm Park to check out the annual fall "Art in the Park" exhibition. From one of the park's bridges, we admired the "Water Rings" exhibit by Lisa Barthelson.
Exhibit in pond The exhibit is described as "oversized amplified light reflecting versions of water rings and bubbles that naturally occur in bodies of water."

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