Newport Cliff Walk

Newport, RI

Sunday March 27th, 2011

Road tripping down to Rhode Island, we crossed the Newport Bridge over Narragansett Bay on the final stretch of our quest for the Cliff Walk. With a slight detour down Newport's Ocean Drive, we first stopped at Brenton Point where we were officially greeted by an array of seagulls.

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Newport Bridge

We spent a few minutes exploring the rocks off Brenton Point before continuing on our way. It was quite breezy, as Stephanie can attest.

Brenton Point Rocks Stephanie

Starting from Easton's Beach, the initial stretch of the cliff walk is very tame. Our first taste of adventure came when we descended "Forty Steps" to inspect the shoreline below.

Cliff walk Forty Steps
Group exploring Forty Steps To the right of Forty Steps, Natasha, Stephanie, Nina, Allyson and Katie are going every which way exploring the sea-smoothed rocks.
Catie on the rocks To the left of Forty Steps, Catie chills out on the jagged ledge, gazing across the water at the remarkable views.
Kirsten, Allyson, Katie and Therese Up above Forty Steps, Kirsten, Allyson, Katie and Therese enjoy the warm sunshine.
Gabe Greg David Gabe, Greg, and David inhale the crisp ocean air...
Jill and mansion ...as Jill showcases the local architecture. 
Under bright blue skies, Therese takes LOTS of pictures while Katie and Allyson scour the shoreline for shells.
Katie and Allyson

Into the abyss, Therese and Jill dauntlessly enter the Tea House tunnel.

Tea House & tunnel Tea House tunnel
Shoreline On the opposite side of the tea house tunnel, the Cliff Walk follows a rocky arc leading to a second tunnel.
View toward mansions Looking back toward our starting point, we had a nice panorama of mansions and sea.

As our hike continued, the terrain got more and more rugged. Below, David and Allyson explore rock formations while at right, Natasha and Nina carefully step their way through a jumbled field of rocks and boulders.
Natasha and Nina
David and Allyson
Group Our entire group, nearing the end of the Cliff Walk's 3.5 mile span. Then we still had to walk another 3 miles through Newport's mansion district to get back to our vans. But it was fun looking like we didn't really belong as we wandered past all the tourists and fancy real estate. From Easton's Beach, we got one final look at the Newport shoreline before heading home.

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