Hike of Mt. Pisgah Conservation Area

Northborough, MA

November 1st, 2009

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Caroline, Jenny and Kirsten The dog days of fall were upon us quite literally as we hiked the trails of Mt. Pisgah Conservation Area. We met a good twenty or so "canine hikers" along our route, including a pack of seven overly cute little ones whom Caroline, Jenny and Kirsten are getting to know.
Caroline and Jenny Kirsten and friend

Nate, Kirsten, Jenny, Caroline, Albee and Greg are at the South View on the Tyler Trail.

Jenny at South View Group at South View

Later, Caroline, Albee and Kirsten enjoy the scenic vista at the North View, just across the Berlin town line.

North View Caroline, Albee and Kirsten
Caroline, Albee and Kirsten Nate We took the Tyler trail down a steep leaf-strewn hillside and continued along the Vernal Pool Trail in the adjoining Massachusetts Wildlife Management Area trail network.

At right, Nate is hanging out by one of the vernal pools.
Rock Neatly fractured rocks along the Vernal Pool Trail.

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