Hike of the Mt. Holyoke Range

Amherst/Granby, MA

Sunday October 14th, 2007

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Group on Mt. Norwottuck Our hike of the Mt. Holyoke Range began at the visitor's center in the Notch and proceeded to the summit of Mt. Norwottuck, which is where we're all standing. At 1106 feet, Mt. Norwottuck is the highest point in the Range.
View from Mt. Norwottuck This was our view to the northwest from Mt. Norwottuck. UMASS Amherst is visible on the right side of the photo.
Krittika View from summit With binoculars in hand, Krittika is checking out the view to the west.
Victoria and Libby Juliana, Krittika and Elizabeth Chillin' on the summit: Victoria and Libby (left) and Juliana, Krittika and Elizabeth (right).
Hallie, Kami, Addi and Brittany Hallie, Kami, Addi and Brittany enjoying lunch on the rocks.
Group on east side of summit We then hopped across to the other side of the summit and were overwhelmed by the view...
View of Long Mountain ...of Long Mountain to our east.
Our group in front of Long Mountain All of us again, with Long Mountain in the background.
Horse Caves Victoria and Libby We left the summit of Mt. Norwottuck and hiked along the Metacomet- Monadnock trail to Horse Caves, a really neat rock formation whose name dates back to the revolutionary war era.

As we approach Horse Caves, Victoria and Libby follow the trail through a narrow crevice in the boulders.

We climbed into an opening at the base of Horse Caves and emerged from another one near the top. Addi and Elizabeth make their way across the boulders (at left), while Hallie exits the upper entrance to the cave (at right).

Hallie exiting the cave Addi and Elizabeth
Juliana Brittany Juliana is climbing up as Brittany makes her way down.
Tara on mossy rock Tara likes the fuzzy moss.
Group on Rattlesnake Knob After leaving Horse Caves we proceeded to Rattlesnake Knob, an outcrop a few hundred feet lower than the summit with more great views. Long Mountain is in the background behind us.
Juliana is absorbing the view from Rattlesnake Knob at the northwest vista.
View from Rattlesnake Knob

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