Hike of Moore State Park

Paxton, MA

Sunday September 24th, 2006

Laurie conquers a bale of hay Our group at Moore State Park On more than one occasion Moore State Park has ended up as a rain destination for us, and this time was no different. With volatile weather conditions and the threat of strong thunderstorms, we decided to postpone our planned Rocky Narrows hike and stay close to home instead. Surprisingly, we stayed dry the whole afternoon.
A reconstructed mill building and covered footbrige are two of Moore's popular landmarks.
Reconstructed mill building Covered footbridge Covered footbridge

Field on Davis Hill All of us on a bale of hay Another attraction are Moore's wide open fields, where we attempted to determine how many Outing Clubbers you could fit on a bale of hay. Since we ran out of Outing Clubbers before we ran out of hay, the answer is still a mystery.

Snakes Lily pads in Gristmill Pond We came upon a pile of snakes along the banks of Gristmill Pond, not far from the lily pads.

Moss-covered ledge A moss-covered ledge along the Stairway Loop Trail.
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