Mt. Monadnock

Jaffrey, NH

October 15, 2013

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Group at base Our annual fall break Mt. Monadnock hike got a huge boost from first year students this year, resulting in a full 12-person trip for the first time ever, and even a waitlist! We were greeted by warm temperatures and a calm wind as we readied to begin our hike.

And we're off! Arielle, Stefanie and Greg make their way up the White Dot Trail. Soon the trail gets a li'l steeper, as Stefanie and Maria Luisa discover.

Arielle, Stefanie and Greg Stefanie and Maria Luisa
Snake Along the Cascade Link trail we spot a cute little snake!
Laura & Stefanie
The climbing begins in earnest when we hit the Spellman Trail, the steepest on the mountain. Laura and Stefanie make their way up as Alex takes on the challenge of a tilted tree.
Spellman Trail view On the Spellman Trail we stop to enjoy our first panoramic view.

Laura, Madeline and Stefanie check out the scenery. A little further up, the views get even better.

Laura, Madeline and Stefanie Spellman Trail view

We hit the seriously steep stretch of the Spellman Trail. Gotta use all fours here!

Spellman Trail Spellman Trail
Alex Success! We arrive at the Pumpelly Trail, where the ascent becomes more gradual. Alex check out the fall colors.

A look back along the Pumpelly trail from where we came, and a look ahead to the Monadnock summit where we're going. The summit was briefly enveloped by a passing cloud.

Looking back View of summit ahead
Stefanie and Greg Opposing views... Stefanie and Greg have both directions covered.
Group at rock pond While Alex and Xavier were off exploring, the rest of us gather at a little rock pond for an impromptu group shot. It was a nice reflection on us!
Group close-up Roisin, Madeline, Stefanie, Maria Luisa, Gabrielle and Zac all squeeze into a cozy close-up shot.
Weirdness Sit too long and things get a little weird.

Back out on the Pumpelly Trail, Xavier heads toward one of the cairn markers. As we get closer to the summit, Xavier, Gabrielle and Alex have some fun hopping across the rocks.

Xavier & a cairn Xavier, Gabrielle, and Alex on rocks
Group on summit More success! Our whole group arrives at the Monadnock summit. Being a Tuesday, there were no crowds and we had it mostly to ourselves.
Madeline and Roisin Madeline and Roisin enjoy life on the edge.
View of Bald Rock & Monte Rosa Visibility in the distance was hazy, but there was still plenty to see below us, including the Bald Rock and Monte Rosa outcrops.
Arielle After finishing our lunch on the summit, we're ready to start down the mountain. Arielle points the way!

Descent on the White Arrow Trail was steep and a little tricky, but we tackled it in fine form.
White Arrow Trail
White Arrow Trail
Xavier on the rocks Xavier enjoys one last view from above the trees before we descend back into the forest, past the Halfway House Site, and follow the Parker Trail back to our van. Resting our legs on the ride home felt really good!

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