Indoor climbing at
Metrorock Climbing Cener

Everett, MA

Sunday December 3rd, 2006

Metrorock: Part Deux

Two veterans and three newbies ventured to the rock gym known as Metrorock on a chilly Sunday morning. The sun was out and the prospect looked hopeful for the quintet. Upon arriving, the group quickly tossed on their gear to battle the crowd and the numerous little girl birthday parties that had amassed in the gym like multiple herds of sheep.

Amanda and Dan returned to face the challenging routes that were left unfinished from the first trip. With the help of their respective belayers Chelsea and Aliya, they were able to finish climbing the routes successfully. Max mostly enjoyed the wonders of bouldering and found that he liked it much better than rock climbing - most boulderers will swear that a rope always gets in the way. Whether that is true or not can be decided by you, dear reader.

And so, another gallery of exciting new pictures:

Chelsea It was more than crowded when we arrived to Metrorock. Chelsea carefully rappels down in order to avoid landing on someone's head. Dan and Aliya Dan and Aliya do some interesting acrobatic, modern dance move while Dan is suspended in mid-air.
Chelsea Chelsea stuck in a corner with only a few moves away from the top. She could almost reach the rice paper-ish ceiling from there. Aliya Aliya starts her climb with a solid grip on a handhold.
Dan Dan tackling the formerly incompleted route that requires using no footholds except two (one of which is the red one). Look at him go up that chimney. Max Max on a rope for the first time that day, getting past the overhang. And yes, he certainly did make it to the top.

Yet another successful and highly enjoyable trip to Metrorock. Hope you can join us next time!

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