End-of-the-Year Marshmallow Roast

between Goddard Library and Bullock Hall

Tuesday May 4th, 2010

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maddie and Nora As ominous dark clouds and fierce winds gave way to clear skies and shining stars, Maddie and Nora set the stage for our annual end-of-the-year marshmallow roast between Goddard Library and Bullock Hall.
group by the fire Scores of Outing Clubbers began arriving from all directions for what would be a celebration to remember!
marshmallow roast marshmallow roast S'mores and marshmallows roased over the fire were enjoyed by all...

...as we rocked to the beat of talented musicians from Great Whiskey Rebellion and other guests!

musicians musicians
Kirsten sitting fireside With embers glowing in the night air and music filling the space right up 'til the midnight hour...

... we cherished the smiling faces of good friends and all the good company as we wrapped up another beautiful year at Clark.

Andrew, Therese and Lindsey Maddie and Nora
powerful index finger! Nora & the fire Make it a "point" to join us again next fall. In the meantime, keep your Outing Club fire burning!

The End  

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