End-of-the-Year Marshmallow Roast

between Goddard Library and Bullock Hall

Monday May 1st, 2006

marshmallow roast For the past three years we've celebrated the end of the year with our annual barbecue on the green, but this spring we decided to chart a new course with an end-of-the-year marshmallow roast instead. The event attracted dozens of students - familiar faces and new ones - and was a huge hit. Two hundred marshmallow were consumed, some of them as s'mores sandwiched within graham crackers and chocolate, and others right off the stick. Standing around the fire, everyone kept telling us that we should do marshmallow roasts more often. Maybe we've stumbled upon a new tradition.

marshmallow roastmarshmallow roastmarshmallow roast
marshmallow roastmarshmallow roast

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