Hike of Crow Hills and
Leominster State Forest

Westminster, MA

November 23rd, 2008

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Joanna and Aysha
Winter fashions were in style as we hit the trails of Leominster State Forest on a cold Sunday afternoon. We began our adventure with a hike up to the base of the famed Crow Hill cliffs - popular for rock climbing - which Joanna and Aysha are approaching.
Crow Hill cliffs

There were no climbers on the cliffs but we did come upon lots of lovely icicles hanging from the ledges.
Icicles hanging from ledges
Nick and icicles Nick examines the icicles more closely.
Our group All of us in front of the cliffs.
Hiking to the top of the cliffs After passing beneath the cliffs we followed the Midstate Trail to the top.
Kenzie is on top of a boulder at the top of the cliffs, enjoying the nice views.
view from above cliffs
view from above cliffs Another view from the Midstate Trail above the cliffs.
Eli, Aysha, and Cheez-its Further along the trail we stopped to rest. Eli enjoys the scenery as Aysha vigilantly keeps watch over the Cheez-its.

At the end of our hike we admired the view of Crow Hills from across the frozen surface of Crow Hills Pond. And for Aysha, walking on water was a new experience!
Crow Hills

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