Hike of Crow Hill and Leominster State Forest

Westminster, MA

Sunday October 2nd, 2005

cliff Two of Leominster State Forest's best known features are the Crow Hill cliffs, which are very popular among rock climbers, and the Midstate Trail, which passes above the cliffs on it's 93 mile journey from Rhode Island to New Hampshire. We explored both, checking out the cliffs on our way to the midstate trail.

Walking below the cliffs Walking carefully along the base of the cliffs, we stopped to watch many of the climbers do their thing.

rock climbersrock climbersrock climbers

Alisa and Jimmy Two of the climbers turned out to be Clark graduate students Alisa and Jimmy.

Photo op They took a climbing break for a photo op with us.

View of Crow Hill Pond We connected with the Midstate trail at the top of the cliffs, pausing to admire the view across the southern part of Crow Hills Pond. After following the Midstate trail about a mile to the north, we descended from the hill and looped back toward the pond.

View of Crow Hill Even with its cliffs hidden from view, Crow Hill's south peak presents an imposing silhouette across the pond.

Jason and Luke We enjoyed the sunshine along the shore, and then headed home.

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