Kayaking Clinic

in the Kneller Pool

Saturday February 3rd & 10th, 2007

kayak clinic The dead of winter isn't exactly prime paddling season in New England, but comandeer an indoor swimming pool and it's a great time to perfect those kayaking skills in anticipation of the meltwaters of spring. With kayaks and instructors provided by Osprey Sea Kayaking Adventures, we hosted two beginner and two intermediate level kayaking clinics in the Kneller Athletic Center pool.

kayak clinic The 2-hour beginner clinic covered all the basics: paddling strokes forward and back, draw strokes, sculling, low brace, and wet exits. The intermediate clinic - also 2 hours - picked up where the beginner clinic left off, focusing on rolls (eskimo roll, hand roll), bow squirts, sculling for support, high brace, etc. If you don't know all the paddlespeak, just let the pictures tell the story. And as you might expect, we managed to amuse ourselves with a little bit of fun and games too.

kayak clinic kayak clinic It starts with learning the strokes.

Khaila and Elizabeth Jana Khaila and Elizabeth (left) and Jana (right) practice their paddling.

Practicing our rolls Carl and Sam demonstrate Later, Carl and Sam (our instructors) demonstrate a roll and we give it a try.

Khaila Khaila Khaila gets a gold star! Even our instructors were envious.

Amanda Sam and Dan Sam works with Dan (left). At right is Amanda, our paddling fanatic. (Can you tell she's really happy?)
Kayaking clinic video clips
  • Elizabeth and Khaila (30 sec)
  • Khaila on a roll (15 sec)
  • Khaila on another roll (3 sec)

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