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Fall 2013

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Group in front of cabin Restoration of the Greater Worcester Land Trust (GWLT) cabin got a huge boost from Chanan's summer LEEP project, including a new roof and refinished interior. Eleven of us returned on Saturday, Oct. 26th, and worked on repainting the exterior, replaced rotted floorboards, chiseled loose bark from the porch railings, removed invasive knotweed from the meadow, blazed the trail, and tested the fireplace.
Andrew Eunice Andrew paints the upper elevations of the porch as Eunice works below.
Sarah & Eunice After finishing the porch wall, Sarah and Eunice begin painting the cabin's south wall and Roisin goes to work removing the invasive knotweed from the meadow. We carefully clipped the flowering branches first to inhibit the seeds from spreading.
Roisin & knotweed

After removal of the flowering branches, Stefan, Gordon and Roisin cut down entire knotweed stalks. By the end of the day we got it all... for now.
Gordon & Roisin
Stefan, Gordon & Roisin
TEXT Lunch break inside the cabin.
Colin Fire in fireplace Colin finds a comfortable spot on the fireplace's hearth.

After lunch we lit the fireplace for the first time in well over a decade, we suspect. It passed with flying colors. Ashley and Joey enjoy the warmth.
Joey & Ashley
Getting back to work, Joey and Ashley cut a new floorboard to replace the rotted section, and Chanan and Luke trim another board to size.
Chanan & Luke
Cabin The cabin takes shape. The chimney in the back is sporting a new cap to keep debris from falling into the fireplace and sparks from escaping.
Fallen tree in road Another crew of seven headed out to the cabin on Saturday, Nov. 9th. First we headed to Cascades West to pick up logs with which to build trail stairs, but were stopped in our path by a fallen tree. No worries though, we grabbed the tools and went to work, and in short order the road was clear.
Andy & Alex with log At Cascades West, Andy and Alex take the lead as four of us haul one of the logs out of the pile and bring it over to be cut for trail stairs.
Katie Katie rolls a log off the pile so we can grab the one we want underneath it. A true lumberjack!
Andy, Alex, and Andrew The A-team: Alex steadies the log as Andy and Andrew saw through it.
Alex, Andy, Sarah, and Andrew with log At the cabin site, Alex, Andy, Sarah, and Andrew deliver one of the stair logs
First trail stair Installation of 3rd trail stair The first trail stair log is put in place at the bottom of the hillside, and later the second.

At right, Andrew and Stefan install the third trail stair log.
TEXT TEXT Finished! With all five log steps in place, Andy and Alex admire their handiwork.

At right, our entire ace stair team is chillin' out on their newly installed steps.

Meanwhile, Sarah is back at work painting the south wall and Colin adds a touch of flair to the door trim.
North wall South wall Andy, Alex, Katie and Andy put their paintbrushes to the wood on the north wall as Stefan and Sarah make progress on the south wall.
Group Our happy crew finishes work for the day and is headed back to Clark!

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