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2011 & 2012

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Colin, Hannah & Therese on porch What could the Outing Club do with a rustic cabin in the woods by a pond only 15 minutes from campus? That's the question we were asked by Colin Novick, Executive Director of the Greater Worcester Land Trust. It seems the GWLT has just such a cabin, in need of some work, and Colin brought us out there on a Saturday afternoon in October, 2011 to look it over.

Here, Colin, Hannah and Therese make themselves at home on the front porch.
cabin The pondside cabin is nestled in a stand of woods. There were plenty of hanging limbs from past storms to be cleaned up.

Inside, the cabin was unadorned and in need of repairs, but we loved the fireplace and woodwork.

fireplace entrance

Andrew, Hannah and Colin check out the nearby pond.

Andrew, Hannah & Colin pond
Andrew, Hannah, Therese & Greg As dusk sets it, Andrew, Hannah, Therese and Greg ponder the cabin's potential for our club and what we can do to get it in shape.

November 5th, 2011: Getting "down" to business - Hannah, Natalie, Danielle and Greg meet Colin at the cabin for the first of many work days to come. We begin the process of installing new screens on the front porch.

Greg, Natalie & Danielle Danielle, Natalie, & TOOLS!

Danielle measures out the new screens as Hannah removes the old staples from the frames.
Colin, Danielle and Natalie
Colin and Natalie position the first screen as Danielle expertly handles the staple gun.

Hannah puts her contortion skills to good use as she staples the new screen, while Colin uses his height advantage to remove old staples from the frame tops.
Therese and Jill November 19th, 2011: Abbie, Bin, Ginny, Greg, Hannah, Helen, Jill, and Therese returned to the cabin with Mary, GWLT's Volunteer Coordinator, for more restoration work. With so many hands we were able to work simultaneously on several projects. Up on the rooftop, Therese and Jill get things started, chisling out remnants of the old lead flashing from the mortar.
Jill and Therese chip away at the mortar.

Later, Hannah gets into the action as Jill turns to other mischief.

The saw was used to cut up the many hanging limbs which Bin and Helen spent the afternoon removing.

Bin and Helen Helen and Bin

Meanwhile, our big porch screening project was in full swing too. Abbie measures out another piece of screen and then gets help from Ginny and Hannah installing it.
Ginny, Hannah and Abbie
Therese, Ginny, Abbie & Jill Mary and Greg Installing the screens takes teamwork, as Therese, Ginny, Abbie and Jill demonstrate.

At right, Mary and Greg trim the excess from a new screen.

Obligatory group photos of our whole team. The first one was kinda squishy so we took another one.

Group Group

January 28th, 2012: We're on the homestretch - Bin, Greg, Hannah, Liz and Therese head back out to the cabin with Colin to wrap up the screening project. Therese and Liz cut one piece of screen as Colin, Hannah and Greg work on re-screening the door.

Therese & Liz Colin, Hannah & Greg

Going like gangbusters, we attack the project from all angles

Liz Colin Greg & Bin

Soon the last of our screens are done and Hannah is so happy! All that's left to do now is the trim.

Hannah Screened porch

Our lovely screened porch, as seen from the pond, and our awesome crew!

porch Group

A nice view of our beautiful frozen pond!

Frozen pond
Ben, Jill, Jake,Therese and Greg November 17th, 2012: Ben, Jill, Jake, Therese, and Greg took part in our final work day of 2012. We focused our energy on the woods and trails surrounding the cabin and cleared away more of the fallen and dangling limbs from past storms. For Ben and Jake, it was their first trip out to the cabin.
Ben untangles a hanging limb from the trees as Jill handles pruning duty.

Greg saws up some dead wood while Jake scouts the trails for more.

Greg Jake
With loppers in hand, Jill make quick work of the fallen branches. Below, Ben adds firewood to the pile.
Group at pond Naturally, we took some time to explore the trails and reconnect with our lovely pond before finishing up for the day and heading back to Clark.

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