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Just Do It Day at Cook Pond (April 10, 2010)
Go Green on the Green (April 29, 2010)
Worcester Earth Day Clean-up (May 1, 2010)

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Andrew, Maddie & Colin For the second year in a row, we spent Clark's annual Just Do It Day on Saturday, April 10th volunteering with the Greater Worcester Land Trust (GWLT). This time, with compasses, maps, and tape measures in hand, we marked the recently established conservation land boundaries at Worcester's Cook Pond.

At left, Andrew (a.k.a. "map dude") locates our position on the surveying map while Colin (GWLT Executive Director) measures the distance along the property boundary.
Lindsey with old sign New marker Our next order of business was to tear down the old no trespassing signs from the conservation property surrounding the pond and replace them with public access markers.
Lindsey and Maddie With implements of destruction in hand, Lindsey and Maddie are ready for action.
Jill Greg Out with the old and in with the new: Jill removes a keep out sign as Greg tacks up a new conservation boundary marker.
Maddie Allyson Maddie uses a measurement wheel to follow the property boundary as Allyson cleans up the embankment beneath the dam.
Allyson and snake
Allyson also proved to be an expert snake spotter, discovering quite a few of them throughout the afternoon. Below, Lindsey and Maddie get a closer look.
Lindsey and Maddie with snake
Cook Pond By the end of the day, we had blazed the conservation boundary around most of the pond with dozens of new markers, taken down many old signs, and and cleaned up any litter we came across.
Group at Cascading Waters All of us across at Cascading Waters across the street from Cook Pond, ready to head back to Clark for free food at the Just Do It Day party in the Grind!
There are many reasons to love trees, and slack lining is one of them! So when Clark's student Eco-Reps asked us to sponsor an activity as part of their Go Green on the Green Earth Day celebration on April 29th, we jumped at the opportunity. Therese slacklining
Greg slacklining
Nora slacklining
From newbies to pros, lots of people tried out our slack line during the event. Greg, Therese and Andrew are just getting their feet wet while the amazing Nora makes it look easy!
Andrew slacklining
Crow Hill debris A couple of days later duty called once again, so we gathered our forces for Worcester's annual Citywide Earth Day Clean-ups on Saturday, May 1st. The clean-ups are organized each year by the Regional Environmental Council (REC) at sites all over the city. Part of our contingent worked with students from the University Park Campus School to clean up nearby Crystal Park, while the rest of us again teamed up with the GWLT to clean up Worcester's Crow Hill conservation area.
Debris Unfortunately we couldn't quite carry the car, but we did manage to remove all the rest of this debris and much more from Crow Hill.

Bram & Carson remove a heavy metal pipe as Andrew hauls away one of the many old tires we recovered.

Bram & Carson Andrew

Greg takes a tire from Allen (GWLT President) and Jill rolls another one over to the junk pile.
Greg & Allen

We found appliances too! Allen, Bram and Carson carry a dryer out of the woods and Greg follows with its drum.
Allen, Bram & Carson

The Outing Club Crow Hill contingent after the wrap-up barbecue, along with Mary - GWLT's volunteer coordinator and our lifeline to the group.

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