Eagle Lake Wildlife Sanctuary

Holden, MA

January 20th, 2013

Our hike begins right here at the trailhead as head into Eagle Lake Wildlife Sanctuary for a 3-mile trek. It is one of our favorite winter hiking destinations because its the trails are so beautiful year-round, even when the trees are bare.
Group on trail

This was Gianna's first time leading a trip. She did an awesome job and was most efficient! At the Appleton Loop fork in the trail, Greg gives advice on which way to go.

Gianna leading the hike Gianna and Greg
Break The discussion gave everyone a chance to pause and regroup.
The somewhat long-ish break resulted in a quickie little snowman and then led to some mischief.
Snowball fight

We move onward! Emma leads the way with Andrew, Ashey and the other Emma following in step. The gentle ups and downs of the trail system provide a nice three-dimensional experience and views into the tree canopy in a couple of spots.

Emma, Andrew, Ashley and Emma Group hiking down trail
Dominique and Demi enjoy the outdoors with Mugsy, our mascot, who was elated to be revisiting the place of his very first hike with us three years ago. Mugsy spotted his favorite tree hole and couldn't wait to look inside again. So Jake, Therese and Greg plan a re-enactment. Jake, Therese, Greg & Mugsy planning re-enactment
Dominique, Demi, and Mugsy

Success... Mugsy is reunited with his tree hole!!! Be sure to check out the pictures from his first encounter in 2010 too.

Re-enactment Re-entactment Re-entactment
Hike back to trailhead
After that little escapade we continue our loop, enjoying the lovely scenery. We make one more stop for a group photo before concluding our hike and hopping into the vans for the ride back to Clark.
Group photo

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