Eagle Lake Wildlife Sanctuary Hike

Holden, MA

April 2, 2006

Blue skies and treetops Hiking down the trail We were treated to perfect spring weather and pure blue skies on our Sunday afternoon hike of the Massachusetts Audubon Society's Eagle Lake Wildlife Sanctuary. Birds were singing and a gentle breeze was blowing as we set out down the sanctuary's narrow, winding and hilly 3-mile loop trail.

Appleton Loop Trail The trail loops through varied forests of oak, pine, and hemlock, and a surprising amount of year-round green vegetation. The green was a welcome sight after a long Worcester winter.

Eagle Lake Through the trees, we caught glimpses of Eagle Lake near the midpoint of our hike.

Asnebumskit Brook Buggy shadow Passing by Asnebumskit brook, we stopped to admire its crystal clear water and glass-like surface. The diffraction shadows cast by a bug's legs resting on top of the water were distinctly visible on the rocks below.

All of us Needless to say, we had a wonderful afternoon. The Eagle Lake Sanctuary has one of the nicest hiking trails we've encountered in the Worcester area.

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