Cape Ann Camping, Hiking,
& Sea Kayaking

Gloucester & Ipswich, MA

October 15th-16th, 2013

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campsite While the (mostly) guys were spending their fall break in the White Mountains, eight girls set out on an overnight camping trip to Cape Ann on the Massachusetts' north shore. Through sheer determination, we conquered the feat of setting up our two tents at Cape Ann Camp Site to start the trip out right!

Having successfully set up camp, we headed out to Good Harbor Beach. Running and plunging right into the water was basically a rule, no matter how frigid it was!

Beach Getting our feet wet
Jumping waves Our inner children make us jump the waves. Be sure to not get caught!
Ashley & Hannah Ashley and Hannah approve!

On the beach, Katie makes friends with a crab and Thao imitates a seagull.

Katine & crab Thao
Group on beach Group photo, aren't we just so cute? Salt Island is directly behind us. That's what we set our sights on next!

We wander the shoreline of Salt Island, headed up to the top.

Salt Island Salt Island
Chel, Katherine and Sarah Chel, Katherine and Sarah make their way up.

We're chilling on top of the world at Salt Island, enjoying the lovely scenery and looking down at the sandbar we crossed to get there.

Group on top of Salt Island Sandbar to Salt Island
Hannah across Salt Island Where's Hannah? In a flash her adventurous streak kicks in and she's far away on some rocks clear across the island.
Hannah Here she comes back!
Sea kayaking was our next big thrill! Tour guides Spencer and Guy at Essex River Basin Adventures led us through Essex Bay to Crane Beach, where we dug for clams, tried out a few yoga poses, and hiked the sand dune. We then kayaked around another island and through a salt marsh. Chel ready for kayaking
Sea kayaks
Thao picking apples For dinner back at our campsite, we steamed the clams which we had dug while sea kayaking and enjoyed smores over the fire. The next morning we found an apple tree at the campsite and got to pick some apples. Thao, Ashley and Hannah take their turns with the apple picking thingy.
Ashley and Hannah picking apples

The fruit of our labor.
Path to Wingaersheek Beach Then just down the road from our campsite we head out Wingaersheek Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches any of us had ever seen. The beach had a variety of attractions which we spent time exploring.
Wingaersheet Beach Wingaersheek Beach
Wingaersheek Beach Wingaersheek Beach
Rockport Downtown Rockport with its quaint streets and many shops was our final destination before heading back to Clark and wrapping up our excellent 2-day adventure!
Rockport Harbor A nice view of the breakwater at Rockport Harbor.

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