Hike of the Lakeshore Trail at Buffumville Lake

Charlton, MA

October 20th, 2012

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Mugsy You know it's going to be a memorable hike when even your mascot can't wait to get there!

Buffumville Lake is just a short drive from Clark and we had explored it twice before, but our third visit was long overdue. When we arrived, the ten of us (plus Mugsy) began our 7-mile adventure from the top of Buffumville Dam, affording us some great views of the spillway to Buffum Pond on our left and the lake itself on our right.
Spillway Buffumville Lake

From the top of the dam, Greg points the way and Bridgette leads the way.

Greg Bridgette

We hike south along the eastern contour of the beautiful lake, following its many twists and turns.
Lakeshore Trail
Lake and foliage

In one of the more rugged spots we stopped to explore a stream, and encountered the first of many frogs.

Stream area Frog
Emily crossing stream
Emily steps across the stream. The next one we came upon at the lake's southern tip was a li'l more serious, but thankfully there was a bridge to cross over it.
South Fork
Foliage As we hike back up the lake's western shoreline, the sunlit foliage is even more picturesque.
Ashley and Emma We pause to let Ashley and Emma catch up. They were immersed in deep conversation.

Khaled daringly crossed the lagoon on the log, as the rest of us walked around it. Later we came upon this one-eyed creepy looking little fella. He was just in time for Halloween.
creepy alien

We enjoy more awesome views of the lake as Jennifer, Bridgette, Greg and Emma round it's northern bend.
Jennifer, Bridgette, Greg & Emma
Buffumville Lake
Little River One more bridge to cross; this one spanned Little River at the lake's northern tip.
Group on beached ship Nearing the end of our hike, our whole group explores a beached ship!

As the sun sets over the lake, Emma, Jennifer and Khaled climb the embankment back up to the dam, completing our 7-mile loop and an awesome adventure. A few minutes later we were in the van again headed back to Clark

Sunset over the lake Emma, Jennifer & Khaled

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