Hike of the Lakeshore Trail at Buffumville Lake

Charlton, MA

September 21st, 2008

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View from Buffumville Dam It had been nearly three years since our last visit to Buffumville Lake in November 2005, so our return was long overdue. Our 7-mile hike along the lake's shoreline on a picture perfect warm and sunny Sunday afternoon began at the top of Buffumville Dam, where we got our first glimpse of the lake's beauty. The dam and lake are both US Army Corps of Engineers flood control projects.
Kayaks on the lake The lake is 2.4 miles long but is very narrow; just a few hundred feet to a quarter mile in width. It is a very tranquil place. The chorus of crickets and birds accompanied by the occasional lapping of a kayaker's paddle (center right of photo) were the only sounds to be heard for most of our hike.
Bridge over stream Aside from season and weather, the lake and trail hadn't changed at all! At the lake's southern tip, Rachel, Katie, Dylan and Jenny cross the same bridge pictured on our website from the prior trip. In other places, we skipped across streams and stepped our way through the same swampy sections of trail we encountered last time.
Trees felled by beavers The beavers had obviously been busy at work during our absence. In some spots, we had to step over trees which had been felled across the trail.
View of lake As we looped back up along the western shore we came upon a great view of the northern end of the lake; it's widest point.
Crossing over a swamp Katie, Rachel Jenny and Dylan cross another bridge - this one spanning a swamp rather than a stream.
Cascades Waterfall A bridge to nowhere? Katie, Rachel, Laura, Dylan, Chelsea and Greg are in the middle of another swamp on a dead-end boardwalk at the northern end of the lake.

But we weren't the only swamp critters present. Greg is seen here taking pictures of a frog!

Greg taking picture of a frog The frog
Group After seven miles of hiking we were back at the dam where we started. We paused to soak up a little more late afternoon sun before saying a sad farewell to the lake and heading home.

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