Hike of Broad Meadow Brook
Wildlife Sanctuary

Worcester, MA

September 16th, 2012

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Group It had been 2 1/2 years since our club last hiked Worcester's Broad Meadow Brook Wildlife Sanctuary, so another visit was long overdue. The 12 of us arrived under warm, sunny skies and set out for an awesome 3 1/2 miles of nature trail hiking. It was a great Sunday afternoon escape.
Frogs First stop: Frog Pond. It turns out they don't call it Frog Pond for nothing! Not much bigger than an oversized bathtub, the frogs totally loved this place, and so did we!
Frog Frog
Broad Meadow Brook We continued down the Sprague Trail and reached banks of Broad Meadow Brook, where we stumbled upon this snake with a fish flapping around it its jaws. Mind you the snake wasn't about to share its freshly caught lunch with a bunch of curious hikers.
Snake with fish
Snake with fish It quickly slithered back into the stream and over to a more secluded spot to dine.
Melat, Guilherme & Ashley
Melat, Guilherme and Ashley watch the snake-fish saga as Nadine checks on Mugsy, our mascot, who was enjoying the sunshine and smiling happily.
Nadine & Mugsy

Gina and Nadine lead the way as we make our way down the Powerline Trail, aptly named for the powerline it runs beneath. Everyone loved the colorful wildflowers, but without the canopy of trees the trail was much hotter than the rest of our hike.

Powerline Trail Powerline Trail

Not to be outdone, we were treated to equally nice views of the brook and marsh along the Troiano Brookside Trail, which we reached toward the end of our hike after making our way through the thick underbrush of the Cardinal Trail.

Troiano Brookside Trail Brook

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