Hike of Cascades Parklands

Worcester, Holden & Paxton, MA

September 2nd, 2012

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Greg, Gabo & Hannah Orchestrating a 40-person hike in 4 waves is serious business! So before we get started, Greg, Gabo, and Hannah review the game to be sure all the bases are covered. Our annual fall hike of Worcester's Cascades Parklands always draws a crowd, this time setting a new record for largest Outing Club trip ever!

Soon Atwood Plaza fills up as participants begin arriving. Hannah prepares to drive the van on an Outing Club trip for her first time, and shuttles group #1 to the trailhead. Our mascot Mugsy joins her for moral support!
Atwood Plaza Hannah with van
Group 1 Therese led group 1. After arriving at the Cascading Waters lodge and being greeted enthusiastically by Colin Novick, caretaker and Executive Director of the Greater Worcester Land Trust, they hit the trails!
Marisa Andrew Their first stop was Split Boulder, near the top of the Cascades. Here, Marisa and Andrew climb the two halves of the boulder.

The boulder was so alluring, even Mugsy got into the act!
Group 2 Led by Gabo, group 2 arrives at the lodge begins its hike.
Combined group photo On the trails, group 2 crosses paths with group 1 near the Boynton Park field, and a huge combined photo ensues.
Hannah leading group 3
Relinquishing her driving duty, Hannah sets out on the trails leading group 3.
Group 3
Group 4 Finally, Greg leads group 4. The groups departed Clark every 1/2 hour, so his group hit the trails just as group 1 was nearing the end of its 3 mile hike.

Group 4 was attracted to Split Boulder too. Tori, Amanda, Tom and Thomas watch as Patrick demonstrates his impressive rock climbing skill.

Amanda, Tom & Thomas Patrick & Tori Patrick on boulder

Dogs and a frog... Tori and Patrick experience some wildlife.

Tori, Patrick & dogs frog

Patrick uses his charm to fend off a vicious attack!

Patrick & dog Patrick & dog Patrick & dog
As each group returned to the lodge, we were treated to lemonade and Tracy's home-baked cookies before heading back to Clark. While we can't promise fresh cookies on every hike, the fresh outdoors and good times we share are forever at the heart of Outing Club trips.

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