Hike of Boynton/Cascades Park

Worcester, Holden & Paxton, MA

September 28th, 2008

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Cascades Waterfall We always visit Worcester's Boynton/Cascades Park every fall not just because it's so close (only 3.5 miles away), but because it's so beautiful! Our latest hike was a bit rainy... a bit muddy... and a whole lot of fun! We were excited to get dirty and wet as we explored every little nook and cranny along the trails. (Outing Clubbers are indeed a strange bunch!) And thanks to all of the recent rainfall 300 foot long Cascades Waterfall was putting on a great show for us!
Group on split boulder Not far from the waterfall, Jenny, Mady, Sophie, Aysha and Josh climbed to the top of one of the halves of a huge split boulder.
Group at base of boulder Looking down from the top of the boulder, the rest of us wait below.
Mady and Sophie Mady and Sophie, on top of the boulder.
Group descending stone staircase
As we continued up the Silver Spring Trail we detoured slightly to check out a stone staircase, which Natasha, Mady, Nathan, Sophie and Josh are descending. We also stopped to make friends with a toad.
Josh Mady Wet weather has its advantages. Josh and Mady check out another small waterfall along the Silver Spring trail.
Stream at 'the amphitheater' A short distance further up the Silver Spring Trail we stopped at "the amphiteater" - a really nice place to enjoy the stream.
Jason Juliana Jason and Juliana getting close-up views
Aysha (left) is right at home among the wet rocks as Natasha (below) watches from the banks.
Meadow Ridge Trail
At the end of the Silver Spring Trail we crossed the road and continued to loop around the park's western border on the Meadow Ridge Trail (left). The trail eventually brought us past the open hilltop meadow which we stopped to explore.
Our group at the lodge Freshly baked cookies awaited us at the Cascading Waters Lodge at end of our hike, compliments of Colin Novick (director of the Greater Worcester Land Trust). Here's our whole group outside the lodge getting ready for the trek back to Clark.

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