Day Trip to Block Island, RI

a coastal adventure

April 15, 2006

Entering Old Harbor All twelve of us awoke to the sound of early morning thunder on the day of our Block island trip. It was the Outing Club's second Block Island trip in as many years. After a foggy hour-long ferry ride from Pt. Judith, RI, we arrived at Block Island's Old Harbor just as the sun broke through. Our group immediately split into 3 contingents. Hilary, Jesaca, Dani, and Judd rented bicycles and headed to the island's northern tip, as Alina, Greg and Laure set off toward the south along the island's rocky coastline.

Coffee shop Meanwhile, Dave, Kristi, Chris, Amanda (left to right) and Nick began their quest in a nice little coffee shop before heading south along the coast.

Sitting on lighthouse apron Judd, Dani, Hilary and Jesaca (left to right) bicycled to the north and then hiked another half mile of rocky beach to reach the North Light lighthouse. It was closed, but they ate lunch on its apron of bricks; each one bearing the name of a donor who had contributed to the restoration of the lighthouse.

Rocks on beach After lunch, Dani and Judd explore some nearby rocks.

Sandy point Judd, Hilary and Dani near Sandy Point, the island's northern tip.

Stone-covered shore The two contingents hiking south traversed a wide range of terrain. Whether stepping through sections of stone, plodding across sandy stretches, or scrambling through boulder fields, there was never a dull moment.
Alina and Laure
Alina and Laure conquer a large boulder.

Laure heads toward the next one.

Laure and boulder

Stone profile Alina with green stone

Greg thought this one looked like a backward leaning profile of Abe Lincoln.

Alina examines a very unusual green stone.

Amanda and Kristi relax on the rocks, enjoying the clean sea air. A pod of seals had the same idea. We later spotted deer and pheasant on the island, and heard the sounds of quail.

Amanda and Kristi Seals on rock

Mohigan Bluffs As we continued south, Mohegan Bluffs rose higher and higher above the shore. As the bluffs reveal, erosion is a huge concern on the island.

Incoming fog By late morning, the sun had disappeared again and a pea-soup fog slammed the island.
View from top of Mohigan Bluffs After following a path to the top of the bluffs (left), Alina, Greg and Laure set out toward Rodman's Hollow but ended up lost in an adjacent maze of twisted trails.
Emerging from the trails onto an obscure dirt road, Alina takes time to make a new friend (below).

Greg, Laure, and Alina at Old Harbor Greg, Laure and Alina after their trek back to Old Harbor. By this time the fog was gone again and blue skies had returned. After relaxing out on the breakwater for a while, everyone met up again at Crescent Beach and hung out until boarding the ferry.

Slow down for deaf dog Do not feed camel

If you like speeding past deaf dogs or feeding odd looking camels, then Block Island probably isn't your kind of place. But for all of us, it was a wonderful adventure.

Upper deck of ferry Heading home, Kristi and Amanda relax on the ferry's upper deck while Hilary and Jesaca enjoy the view. The sunshine would gradually disappear, and Block Island recoiled back into the fog like the prognosticating groundhog as the ferry aimed for the mainland's towering clouds.

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